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Roy E. Tomlinson
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Cariboo Stone Press is an independent printshop producing the Original Lithographs of
Artists/Printmakers: Roy Tomlinson and Olga Kornavitch-Tomlinson.
At the Press - Printer, Roy Tomlinson
Roy at the press.    
Prints racked for drying. - Roy Tomlinson
Prints racked for drying.
 Each example is compared to the BAT. - Roy Tomlinson    
Each example is compared to the BAT.
Hand signing and numbering each example. - Roy Tomlinson    
Hand signing and numbering each example.
Blind stamps and artist's logo on each example. - Roy Tomlinson    
Blind stamps and artist's logo on each example.
Curating and the various steps taken to completing a print is a serious part of printing an edition at Cariboo Stone Press. A printers proof or Bon A Tirer is chosen, usually in the early stages of editioning. This example has the qualities the artist wishes to insure in the entire edition. On the day of curation each example is throughly examined to its standard by the curator. Any examples not meeting this standard are destroyed. The artist can then number, title, sign and chop the remainder assured that the quality he /she wished for is in each example.   
Visitors are offered a tour and informative discussion on the
subject of printmaking.

"Our press room houses a large collection of lithographic stones, inking rollers, inks and gourmet printing paper, a Takach 3460 flat bed Proofing Press and an Intaglio Press.  We demonstrate Lithographic procedures and welcome visitors year round."

The Art and Craft of Lithographic Printmaking

Hand Printmaking Terminology

Time honoured guidelines exist among practitioners of Hand Printmaking and those contemplating a personal collection as well as the interested lay person should be knowledgeable in the special language of 'Prints". Firstly, a reproduction of an existing Painting cannot be regarded as a work of Art whether signed and limited in number, it has in itself no artistic worth.  A Print to be worthy of the name, must be designed to become only a Print, having nothing before it, excepting preliminary sketches and color notations.   The resulting edition of Prints, once signed and numbered by the Artist are considered works of Art.  The matrix once defaced cannot be printed again.

Definitions used at Cariboo Stone Press in recording an Original Lithograph, its Proofing, and its Edition are as follows:

Trial Proofs (T/P) - Early proofs to test papers and inks, usually destroyed but may become a part of shop records.

Artist's Proofs (A/P) -The Artist's personal allotment in a quantity not exceeding 10% of the Edition number.

Bon A Tirer (BAT) -'Good to pull' the Artist's signature verifies this as the critical proof, all examples in an Edition are measured by its quality.

Hors Commerce (H/C) -For commercial purposes, low in number, these proofs may have flaws and are usually destroyed after their use is no longer required.

Artist's Edition -The Edition after curation, is signed and numbered by the Artist in lead pencil.   Chops (blind stamps) of Printer, Print Shop and Artist appear on all examples.

Special Edition (S/E) -Examples pulled on different paper or in a different manner, usually designated in Roman Numerals.

State -When an image is altered after editioning then rerun as a different State, it should be designated as State 2, State 3, etc.

Impresit (IMP) -From the Latin 'has printed it' meaning the Artist has also printed all examples of an Edition and so noted it by signing IMP after his/her signature.

Other proofs which may become part of an Edition should be so recorded i.e. Dedication, Cancellation and Museum Proofs. Collectors will receive a Certificate of Documentation with each Print.

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