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Tomlinson Studio / Gallery

their Art amid a natural setting.


Entrance to Tomlinson Studio GalleryEntrance to Tomlinson Studio Gallery
End of fireplace - Tomlinson Studio Gallery Hall entry - Tomlinson Studio Gallery
Many unique features enhance the Gallery displays.
Main Gallery - Tomlinson Studio Gallery Main Gallery - Tomlinson Studio Gallery

The Studio / Gallery is situated among the mountains and lakes of central British Columbia. Approximately forty combined works hang at all times and visitors are invited to browse among the lithographs, oils, pastels, and watercolors, and when possible to view a work in progress and question the art and craft of lithographic printmaking.

    "Come and enjoy a unique life style based on the premise that life is Art and Art is life".
      Your hosts:-  Artists,  Roy Tomlinson and Olga Kornavitch-Tomlinson

"We invite you to the Press Room"

Cariboo Stone Press is an independent printshop producing the Original Lithographs
of Artists/Printmakers:   Roy Tomlinson and Olga Kornavitch-Tomlinson.
Roy Tomlinson - At the Press    
Roy Tomlinson - At the Press
Olga Kornavitch-Tomlinson drawing    
Olga -drawing on the stone.
Roy Tomlinson - Charging the roller    
Roy - Charging the roller
Roy Tomlinson - Passing ink on the stone  
Roy - Passing ink on the stone.
Olga Kornavitch-Tomlinson - Sponging
Olga - Sponging

The Artists are shown at work in their pressroom. Collaboration is an essential part of this demanding medium. Visitors are offered a tour and informative discussion on the subject.

"We designed and began building our present facilities in 1974 choosing the mountainous, dry, South Central Cariboo region of British Columbia with its many beautiful lakes and seasonal changes. Our main building incorporates 4500 sq. ft. of living, gallery and painting studios. Our press room houses a large collection of lithographic stones, inking rollers, inks and gourmet printing paper, a Takach 3460 flat bed Proofing Press and an Intaglio Press. We demonstrate Lithographic procedures and welcome visitors year round."

"We invite you to our Painting Studios,
Roy Tomlinson and Olga Kornavitch-Tomlinson"

Watercolor studio    
Watercolor studio
Roy Tomlinson.
Painting studio - Roy Tomlinson    
Painting studio
Roy Tomlinson
Painting studio - Olga Kornavitch-Tomlinson    
Painting studio
Olga Kornavitch-Tomlinson


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Tomlinson Studio/Gallery
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