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Welcome to our site.

Art and the endeavours surrounding the making of art has always been the ‘raison d’etre’ of our life together as creative artists and printmakers.

We began making prints in 1976 after many years in separate careers. In wanting to make lithographic prints it seemed logical to begin at this mediums’ inventive beginnings – drawing with grease pencils and water/grease based washes on hand grained lime stones and then learning the craft of printing in order to edition the results. This can be likened to reinventing the wheel without a manual. Murphy’s law prevailed while we, totally immersed in technicalities fell just short of fisticuffs on many occasions. But all things prevail and we mastered this difficult medium to, at least, our own satisfaction.

When we first opened our home and studios to the public over 20 years ago it was in the spirit of sharing with people of like mind the enthusiasm for the various mediums we enjoy working in. Now, thanks to the magic of the computer it is possible to share a lifetime devoted to art and craft through this site. It has many features such as an archival section displaying past work; work that is now in private and public collections; an ongoing retrospective if you will. Featured under 'Printmaking' we explain the mysteries in the process of making a lithograph from a stone matrix.  Under 'Proofs' a work in progress is shown stage by stage along with a daily journal of the trials and tribulations of its making.

We hope you will take the time to explore all of these and other features designed in this revised site and let us know how we may best serve you via E-Mail.

Thank you for joining us.

        Roy Tomlinson
        Olga Kornavitch-Tomlinson

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